Try out the Child Helpline for yourself

Classic media

Child Helpline (Linka bezpečí) was an official partner of the 2014 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. In view of the fact that while almost everyone in the Czech Republic knows of the Helpline, very few actually know what it does and what its work entails, we came up with a unique solution for this unique opportunity. In cooperation with the Helpline’s expert consultants, we recorded twelve conversations with children – clients of the Child Helpline. Since real children are of course protected by medical and professional confidentiality, these conversations were modelled, and they addressed the most common issues which children and youth call the Helpline to discuss. We positioned several telephone booths in Karlovy Vary’s spa zone where passers-by could listen to these conversations. The campaign was also accompanied by a workshop with expert consultants where people could try out the work of a consultant for themselves, as well as an information centre near Hotel Thermal and other events. During a single week, this campaign earned CZK 430,873 for Child Helpline. Thanks to everyone who helped, and especially to everyone who donated.

creative team: Martin Charvát, Alžběta Černá, Lenka Vašíčková

photography: Michal Šeba

production: Hanka Kusnjerová, Milan Hrazánek

technical solution: Miroslav Holub