ODS, Regional and Senate Elections 2012

Classic media

For the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), we prepared a campaign on three levels: a central campaign presenting the party’s basic values, a campaign for regional elections presenting the leading candidates in individual regions, and a Senate campaign presenting Senate candidates. All three levels were based on a uniform graphic manual with slight modifications for each part of the campaign, and for all three levels a uniform photographic style was used.

And in addition, we produced a whole lot of other materials.

We would like to thank everyone who worked on it, especially photographers Vojta Herout, Tomáš Třeštík and Martin Kabát, production managers Hanka and Anča, and the whole team: both Alžbětas, Tereza, Vašek, Michal, Martin, Aleš, Radek and of course David. It was a wild ride.

Central campaign with Miroslava Němcová