Hospodářské noviny – a newspaper in motion

Classic media

Hospodářské noviny has changed not only its strategy, but also its content and distribution method. It’s the first newspaper in the Czech Republic to offer its readers access to all content in the same form in the print version, online and on mobile devices. This was also related to a change in Hospodářské noviny’s basic communication strategy. Now it’s a newspaper in motion.

strategic team: Petr Rydl, Martin Charvát, David Růna

creative team: Ondřej Souček, Ian Adams, Prokop Sirotek (studio Motor)

graphic design: Martin Ciboch, Pavel Šulc (both studio Motor)

client service team: Milan Hrazánek, Iveta Udržalová (studio Motor)

director of the TV spot: Jan Turek